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Metal Oxide


Aluminium Oxide (Al203) 


Name: Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles (Al2O3), Purity: 95% , Size : 20-30nm 
Product Code: trhw- Al2O3 – 25nm
Chemical Formula : Al2O3 (CAS 142844-00-6)

Synonyms : Alumina, aluminum oxide , aluminium sesquioxide, Corundum, Aluminium(III) Oxide
Appearance: white

Form : Powder

Phase : Gamma
Purity: 95%
Average Size: 20-30 nm

Applications : dehydration air, natural gas, petroleum cracking gas, fluoride in drinking water, special catalyst anthraquinone production of hydrogen peroxide, sticky resin dichlorination, the catalyst carrier, air separation and oxygen industry-specific

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